Simple Cremation Service

Simple Cremation Service $1,495.00

Cremation: Starting at $1,495.00, cash advance items not included. Cremation is an alternative to traditional burial services. Cremation is fast becoming the disposition of choice. The cost of cremation is often far lower than that of a traditional funeral service and offers families a dignified and respectful alternative method of honoring those who have passed away. We offer both cremation with memorialization and direct cremation. Direct cremation is the simplest and most affordable type of cremation service. It is an economical alternative that provides cremation without a memorial service. Direct Cremations under 250 pounds for deaths occurring in Orange County California at $1,495.00 Complete! For those who prefer a more traditional funeral service. We offer cremation with memorialization as an alternative. With this service the family is provided the option of having a viewing and/or a church or chapel service prior to cremation. Also, if desired, a memorial service can be arranged after the cremation with the ashes present. Unique memorials are our specialty. Do not hesitate to let your wishes be known. We are always willing to assist you.