Special Services

Special Services

At Ferrara Colonial Mortuary we offer a variety of special services for families in need. We offer:

-Worldwide shipping of remains. We can arrange for the shipment of remains to any location in the world.

-Receiving of remains. We can assist with having remains shipped to us from any location in the world. If a loved one dies abroad or in another state we can arrange to have them brought to our location.

-Military Funerals with full honors. We can arrange a military funeral with full honors, including the internment in a national veterans cemetery.

-Scattering at sea. We can arrange to have cremated remains scattered at sea. We can also arrange to have memorial services at sea in conjunction with the scattering.

-Green services. In many cases we can arrange for a green burial or scattering of ashes.

-Pre-arrange funeral or cremation services. We can pre-arrange the funeral and/or cremation services of a loved one. We can also help you pre-arrange your own services. Advanced planning of your own services should be part of any estate plan.

We can help you arrange these services in our offices or in the convenience of your own home.